Review by Nevis Hulme on 27-11-2014 of Dictionary Print

Review by Nevis Hulme on 27-11-2014 of Dictionary - Mtanthauziramawu: Chichewa / Chinyanja - English // English - Chichewa / Chinyanja (Hardcover)

I have been learning Chicheŵa, the national language of the African country of Malaŵi, since 2011 and bought the 2nd edition to help me. I am pleased to see that the 3rd edition is now available on Amazon extending greatly the number of people who can purchase this dictionary. There are many people around the world with an interest in Malaŵi for whom a knowledge of Chicheŵa can deepen their understanding of a major culture of that country.

I have found this dictionary very useful in helping to clarify meanings and to help me translate, e.g. comments to on-line Malaŵian newspapers. It is very thorough in its coverage of Chicheŵa to English and English to Chicheŵa. It does everything that I want of a bilingual dictionary. It gives meanings of words where equivalents do not exist in the other language or, alternatively, the variety of words that can be used for the target word. The many examples of usage have been invaluable in supporting my understanding of structure in the African language. The explanation of proverbs and sayings, found throughout the book, has helped me develop a feeling for the culture of the Cheŵa people.

As with most dictionaries of this size without the benefit of a large group of compilers and proof-readers, there are minor errors but this does not detract from its usefulness or its contribution to the study of Chicheŵa.
I commend this dictionary wholeheartedly.


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